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About High Temperature Batteries?

High-temperature batteries have high performance, high reliability, and can be used in extreme environments such as high temperature (up to +200°C) or low temperature (minimum -55°C), large vibrations, and shocks.

Application of high-temperature lithium-sulfur battery:

It is mainly used in petrochemical industries such as petroleum exploration, geology and deep-sea exploration, as well as marine heavy industry machinery, scientific research, military, high-temperature boilers, high-speed motors and other industries.

Application of high-temperature lithium-sulfur battery:

1. The working voltage is high and stable:

the nominal voltage of the lithium battery is 3.6V, and the voltage remains stable during the working period;

2. Wide operating temperature range:

working temperature is -40°C~85°C;

3. High energy density:

lithium battery is one of the batteries with the highest energy density in primary batteries;

4. Good storage performance:

the self-discharge rate of lithium sub-battery is extremely low, only 1% per year;

5. Good structural reliability:

The lithium-sub-battery adopts a fully sealed structure, which effectively prevents leakage.

6. Lithium thionyl chloride batteries are especially suitable for long-term discharge applications.

The load voltage is extremely stable, and more than 90% of the capacity can be released on a high platform with almost constant voltage.