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About lithium battery capacity sorting?

When the battery capacity is divided, the data of each detection point is obtained through computer management, so as to analyze the data such as the size of the battery capacity and internal resistance, and determine the quality level of the battery.


This process is the capacity division.

During the battery manufacturing process, in a batch of lithium batteries produced, although the size is the same, the actual capacity of the battery cannot be completely consistent due to technological reasons.


After a certain charge and discharge test, the battery is classified according to capacity.

Only when the tested capacity meets or exceeds the design capacity, the battery is qualified, and the battery with less than the design capacity cannot be regarded as a qualified battery.

This process of screening qualified batteries through capacity testing is called capacity division.

After the battery is divided for the first time, it needs to stand for a period of time, generally not less than 15 days.


During this period, some internal quality problems will appear.