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About lithium battery winding machine?

The important technology of lithium-ion battery winding equipment is to control the tension of the separator and plate and to wind at a constant speed.

The quality of plate tension control directly determines the quality of battery production.

The quality of the tension also directly affects the balance and production capacity of the battery winding process. And directly control the tension control.

When winding a battery, if the linear velocity of the electrode is stable, the tension will be a stable value. If the line speed jumps, the tension will jump.

Lithium-ion battery winding equipment is divided into: semi-automatic round lithium battery winding machine, lithium battery automatic winding machine.

Semi-automatic round lithium battery winding machine: used for semi-automatic winding of lithium-ion battery cells; suitable for oily pole pieces, water-based pole pieces and various diaphragms.

Lithium battery automatic winding machine: used for fully automatic winding of circular power lithium battery cells.