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About the machine vision alignment detection of lithium battery pole pieces?

Winding degree monitoring requirements:

1. The distance from the diaphragm to the positive electrode.

2. The distance from the diaphragm to the negative electrode.

3. The distance from the positive pole to the negative pole.

4. Detection accuracy ±0.1mm.

Defect detection:

Shell bottom:

pits, white spots, iron chips, bumps, scratches, traces, trachoma, etc.

Shell body:

pits, dirt, white spots, scratches, wire drawing, rust, pinholes, etc.

Shell mouth:

deformation, diameter, length, scratches in the shell mouth, mouth tearing, gaps, burrs, unequal cutting edges.


watermarks, rust spots, black spots, casing, etc.

Inner wall:

dirt, yellowing, rust spots, black spots, white spots, pockmarks, etc.