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About the formation type of lithium battery?

Lithium battery formation is the first charging process of the battery after the lithium battery is injected.

At the same time, a side reaction occurs between the lithium salt and the electrolyte, and a solid electrolyte interface (SEI) film is formed on the negative electrode side of the lithium battery. This layer of film can prevent further side reactions from occurring, thereby reducing the loss of active lithium in the lithium battery.

The quality of SEI has a great influence on the cycle life, initial capacity loss, and rate performance of lithium batteries.

Types of Formation Processes

According to the different conditions such as temperature, current, and liquid injection port during the formation of lithium batteries, the formation process can be divided into the following categories:

1. High temperature formation.

2. Low temperature formation.

3. High current formation.

4. Low current formation.

5. Opening formation.

6. Closed mouth formation.

7. Negative pressure formation.