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About the machine vision alignment detection of lithium battery pole pieces?

In the winding process of lithium battery production, the positive and negative electrodes are placed in the separator.


The negative electrode needs to exceed the positive electrode by a certain margin in the width direction, and the separator exceeds the negative electrode by a certain margin.


The process accuracy must be ensured, otherwise there will be a huge safety hazard for the battery.

Machine vision can effectively obtain the actual edge of the pole piece and the diaphragm to obtain the distance between the positive electrode, the negative pole and the diaphragm, and then feed back to the PLC to correct the deviation and adjust the distance between the pole piece and the diaphragm.

The machine vision-based visual inspection of the alignment of lithium battery pole pieces can avoid the waste of finished product defects, detect and identify winding quality defects, adjust equipment through real-time output of defect information, and provide product quality.

Advantages of machine vision for lithium battery pole piece detection: The machine vision detection system can overcome the shortcomings of manual detection, make the detection results standard and quantifiable, and improve the automation of the entire production system.