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About the role of plasma cleaning?

The ion cleaning method can effectively remove dirt, dust and other substances on the end face of the battery pole, and prepare for battery welding to reduce bad welding.

1. Ashing the surface organic layer

The pollutants are partially evaporated under vacuum and instantaneous high temperature, and the pollutants are crushed by high-energy ions and carried away by the vacuum.

2. Oxide removal

This treatment involves the use of hydrogen or a mixture of hydrogen and argon. A two-step process is also sometimes used. The first step is to oxidize the surface with oxygen for 5 minutes, and the second step is to remove the oxide layer with a mixture of hydrogen and argon. It can also be treated with several gases at the same time.

3. Welding

Generally, printed circuit boards should be treated with chemicals before soldering. After soldering, these chemicals must be removed with plasma or they can cause corrosion and other problems.