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About the welded cap?

The lithium battery cap is a component of the lithium battery, which acts as a positive conductive terminal on the lithium battery, acts as a safety valve, and also provides a battery sealing function.

Lithium battery cap includes top cover, rubber ring, explosion-proof diaphragm, aluminum sheet/nickel sheet and orifice plate.

The top cover is installed on the top of the apron.

The orifice plate is installed at the bottom of the apron.

An aluminum/nickel sheet is installed in the middle of the apron, between the top cover and the orifice plate.

An explosion-proof diaphragm is provided between the aluminum sheet/nickel sheet and the orifice plate.

The bottom surface of the orifice plate is provided with welding point recesses.

During installation, the explosion-proof diaphragm and the orifice plate are welded together by laser spot welding at the welding point recess of the orifice plate, so that laser welding spots will be left in the welding point recess. The laser welding spot is closely combined with the concave part of the welding spot.

How the battery cap works

1. Positive or negative terminal

2. Temperature protection

3. Power-off protection function

4. Pressure relief protection function

5. Sealing function