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About MWD (Wireless Measuring While Drilling)

Measure While Drilling

What is MWD (Wireless Measuring While Drilling)?

MWD means “Measure While Drilling”, which originally meant measuring the main parameters of borehole trajectory while drilling, including: inclination angle, azimuth angle, tool face angle and auxiliary parameters such as temperature.

Measurement While Drilling (or MWD) is a type of logging that incorporates measurement tools into the drillstring and provides real-time information to help guide the drilling rig.

The real-time Measurements While Drilling (MWD) screen shows pressure pulses sent by downhole tools, data transmissions being decoded, and displays of drilling depth information and displays of various parameters.

The main components that do these jobs are power supplies, controllers, sensors and transmitters.

Structure of MWD

What is the composition of MWD (Wireless Measuring While Drilling)?

MWD is a measurement instrument for real-time monitoring of directional wells and horizontal wells and guiding the completion of wellbore trajectory control. It is mainly composed of two parts:

Downhole Instruments

Ground instrument

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools are used to measure anything sensed by the tool’s sensors, such as temperature, dip, azimuth, and tool vibration while drilling, and transmit all this data to the surface.

The main components that do these jobs are power supplies, controllers, sensors and transmitters.

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About Downhole Instruments?

About Ground Instruments?


Why does CONTAINER TRACKING need disposable high-temperature battery? Do not use rechargeable batteries?

The disposable battery capacity is larger than the rechargeable capacity.

Disposable batteries cost less than rechargeable batteries.

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About high temperature batteries?

About rechargeable batteries?

Battery pack

About the composition of MWD or LWD battery modules?

Gamma Module Gamma module

The same battery module powers the

The battery pack is usually 8 or 10 cells

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About the performance index of the lithium battery of the MWD battery pack of the mud pulse inclinometer while drilling?

List of battery model and size

There are many types and no fixed size.
Is cc battery a solar energy storage system, power system or home appliance.
No.1 Battery
LR20 / AM1
Diameter: ф 34.2 Height: 61.5mm
Wide range of uses, civilian, military, and special DC power supplies can find D-type batteries, standard D (flat head) batteries.
DD Primary Battery
4.9 inches typical length
Primarily used by military and other tactical users, it is built to last. With a wide operating temperature range and a typical length of 4.9 inches, these batteries will fit a wide variety of electronic devices including: flashlights, large communication devices, invisible fencing, RFID tracking, location beacons, and more.
No.8 Battery
Diameter: ф11.0 Height: 30.0mm
—— —— —— ——
No.2 Battery
Diameter: ф 26.2 Height: 50mm
Old-fashioned quartz wall clocks, metal movements, pointer multimeters, small flashlights, small radios, etc. Now out of the market.
No.5 Battery
AA (/LR6/AM3)
Diameter: ф14.5 Height: 50.5mm
Now the battery is the most used daily, and it can be seen in various electrical appliances, toys, and equipment.
No.7 Battery
AAA (/LR03/AM4)
Diameter: ф10.5 Height: 44.5mm
Now the most used battery in daily life, it can be seen in various low-power scenarios, such as remote controls, electronic watches, thermometers and so on.