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Notes on code printing of lithium battery?

Precautions for lithium battery printing:

1. Observe whether the conveyor belt of the lithium battery inkjet printer shakes or runs skewed, and if necessary, the inkjet equipment engineer maintains and corrects it.

2. Clean the conveyor belt and confirm the model and code type of the lithium battery cell that has been sprayed.

3. The alarm light of the lithium battery inkjet printer flashes to indicate that the abnormal external communication can be ignored, and other alarms cannot be turned on normally.

4. If there is any abnormality during the lithium battery coding operation, notify the PE to deal with it, and you cannot adjust the machine or disassemble the device without permission.

5. The lithium battery inkjet printer can only be operated by PE personnel, technical personnel, quality personnel or designated production personnel. No one can modify the data without the consent of the engineer.

6. Lithium battery coding operators should not keep long fingernails to prevent the battery cells from being scratched during contact with the battery cells, and it is forbidden to fold up the corners of the air bag to prevent the corners from being damaged.

7. The distance between the cells placed on the conveyor belt of the lithium battery inkjet printer should be at least 30mm.

8. Lithium battery coding operators cannot hold more than 5 batteries each time.

9. After the coding is completed or during the holiday, it is necessary to turn off the ink line and the display screen of the inkjet printer.