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Regarding welding appearance requirements?

Welding Appearance: No void, welding scorching, welding penetration, welding slag, no electrode dome, fracture

Super-welding technology and requirements of lithium-ion battery shell:

1. The packaging and connection of the shell generally adopts ultrasonic plastic welding.

2. Working principle: The high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves causes friction between the upper and lower shells, and the local temperature rises rapidly, resulting in high temperature. A plastic flow of material occurs between the two pieces of glue, which cures under pressure to form a homogeneous weld.

3. Select the appropriate ultrasonic welding machine.

4. Appropriate welding parameters.

5. Special attention should be paid to the size of the fit in the design of the shell and the guard to prevent the excess from being in place or tight.

6. Fully consider the influence of ultrasonic waves, the thickness of the protective plate and the arrangement of components to prevent loosening of components.

7. Influence of welding effect: plastic material, welding design, mold, etc.

8. Super welding quality: no super damage, no glue, no super height, uniform weld seam, tight welding.