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Requirements for printing code of lithium battery?

Lithium battery coding requirements:

1. There should be no sharp objects such as scissors, steel rulers, and pens on the desktop.

2. The operator of the lithium battery inkjet printer needs to check whether the ink and additives of the inkjet printer are sufficient every time the shift is started. When the ink and additives are found to be exhausted, they need to be replaced in time.

3. The first piece needs to be made every time a class starts or when a variety is changed, and recorded in the attached table of the relevant inkjet record sheet.

4. The inkjet coding system will automatically update the date after midnight every day, and the first piece needs to be remade.

5. For batteries with sufficient coding intervals, the location of the coding needs to be centered on the main body of the battery in addition to meeting the basic requirements.

6. There are coding technical standards for coding requirements. If there are special regulations, the MI lithium battery coding requirements standard document must prevail. If there are no requirements, you need to confirm the coding content with the corresponding person.

7. The code pattern cannot be tilted, there should be no ink splashing, the font code pattern cannot be misplaced, deformed, and the first position is not aligned.

8. All barcodes need to be scanned by spraying 10ea batteries at the beginning of production. In the normal production process, scan 10ea batteries every hour to check the printing effect. The scanned Barcode numbers must be saved in the computer in Excel format. The file name is Product variety number.

9. During the coding process of the re-sprayed battery cell, there should be no conductive objects in any place that is in contact with the battery cell. The barcode of the re-sprayed battery cell must be clear and easy to scan, and it cannot be blurred and cannot be scanned.