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What are the requirements for the edge after slitting?

The pole piece encounters shear failure during slitting, and the flatness of the edge after slitting (no burr, no buckling) is the key to inspecting the performance of the slitting machine. 

During the cutting process of lithium-ion batteries, the quality of the cutting edge of the pole piece has an important impact on the performance and quality of the battery.

The slitting pole piece should not have wrinkle or depowdering, and the slitting size accuracy is required to be high. At the same time, the burr on the edge of the pole piece should be small, otherwise dendrites will be formed on the burr to puncture the separator, causing a short circuit inside the battery.

Pole piece cutting edge quality requirements:

1、Burrs and impurities.

2、Poor dimensional accuracy.

3. Material heat damage, coating peeling off, etc.

4. Unevenness of cutting edge.